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Welcome to M.N. Heating and Repair, your our heating and cooling company serving Highland, IN and surrounding areas! For 10 years, our team of skilled technicians have been providing prompt, reliable HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services to homes and businesses.

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Heating and Cooling Services

At M.N. Heating and Air, we offer a full range of heating and cooling services to keep your home or workplace comfortable year-round.

Furnace Repair and Installation

Rely on our team for expert furnace repair and installation. If your existing furnace breaks down, we have the skills to quickly diagnose issues and make repairs. We carry parts for most major brands on our service trucks. If your outdated furnace can't be fixed, we recommend replacement with a new high-efficiency model for savings on energy bills. Our technicians handle full removals and installations. We'll make sure your home is warm and comfortable all winter long.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Don't sweat through another hot Indiana summer! We provide fast, reliable air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot any AC issue and get your system back up and running cool. We stock parts for most common repairs. For older, inefficient air conditioners that require frequent repairs, we recommend replacement. Investing in a new Energy Star air conditioner can save up to 30% on cooling costs. Let our experienced team handle the entire installation process professionally. We'll make sure your home stays cool when temperatures rise.

Boiler Installation and Repair

Boilers provide efficient whole-home heating. Our technicians are experts at servicing, maintaining, and repairing boilers from all major brands. We are also licensed installers of new high-efficiency boiler systems.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Good indoor air quality is important for health and comfort. We offer:

  • Air duct cleaning to remove dust and allergens
  • Installation of air purifiers and humidifiers
  • UV germicidal lights to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Advanced air filtration systems
  • Recommendations for controlling moisture issues like mold

Breathe easier with our complete air quality improvement services!

How Heating Systems Have Changed

Heating technology has come a long way in recent decades! Today's furnaces and boilers are vastly more efficient, intelligent, and comfortable than older designs. Some of the improvements include:

  • High-efficiency components - New models convert over 90% of fuel to heat, saving energy.
  • Smart controls - Digital programmable thermostats optimize efficiency and comfort.
  • Quieter operation - Insulated cabinets keep sound levels low.
  • Smaller sizes - Compact Impress furnaces fit in tight spaces.
  • Added safety features - Flame sensors, auto shut-offs prevent issues.
  • Zoned heating - Target different areas with smart dampers or multiple units.
  • Healthier air - Added air filtration improves indoor air.
  • Longer lifespan - Quality components provide up to 20 year lifespans.

Today's heating systems heat homes better than ever while using less energy and providing cleaner, healthier air. Upgrading from an older furnace or boiler can pay for itself over time through utility savings while also improving comfort. Our team can advise you on the best replacement for your needs and budget.

How Boilers Keep You Warm

Boilers provide hydronic or steam heat for many homes in our northern climate. Hot water or steam circulates through pipes or radiators to heat rooms individually. This allows zoning so unused rooms don't get heated.

The boiler burns natural gas, propane, or oil to heat water in an enclosed chamber. The hot water then circulates through the system. Boilers provide consistent, even, comfortable heat through radiant heat transfer.

Modern boilers are very efficient up to 95% AFUE ratings. This saves on fuel costs. Large boilers with high BTU capacity can supply sufficient heat for larger homes. Condensing boilers use a second heat exchanger to get even more heat from exhaust gases.

We service all makes and models of boilers. Proper maintenance and tuning keeps boilers running for decades. Call us if your boiler needs repairs or replacement!

What You Should Know about Gas and Electric Furnaces

Gas and electric furnaces have different heating methods but share many of the same components like blowers, filters, and ductwork. Here's a look at each type:

Gas Furnaces

  • Use natural gas or propane for fuel. More efficient and lower cost than electric heat in most areas.
  • Burn fuel in a combustion chamber. Heat exchanger transfer heat to air.
  • Attic or closet installations. Connected to ductwork to distribute warm air.
  • AFUE ratings of 80-98%. Higher is better.
  • Ideal for larger homes, extreme climates.

Electric Furnaces

  • Use electric heating elements. Best for areas with inexpensive electric rates.
  • Compact, wall-mounted units used in smaller homes, additions.
  • No ductwork required - heat and circulate air locally.
  • Lower installation cost than gas furnaces.
  • AFUE not applicable. Use 100% of electricity converted to heat.
  • No combustion or flue required.

We service all makes and models of both gas and electric furnaces. Call us if your existing furnace needs repairs or replacement!

How Heating Systems Have Changed

Air conditioners have seen major improvements in recent years. Today's AC units are more powerful, efficient, and smart. Upgrades include:

  • Higher SEER ratings - 17-24 SEER models available for lower cooling bills.
  • Quieter - Improved fan designs move air quietly.
  • Healthier air - Systems filter out allergens, pollutants as they cool.
  • Smart controls - Programmable thermostats optimize settings.
  • Compact sizes - Smaller condensers and evaporators fit anywhere.
  • Enhanced airflow - Variable speed blowers for even distribution.
  • Zoned systems - Target different areas of home.
  • Ductless options - Cool additions or rooms without ductwork.

Investing in a new efficient air conditioner can save up to 40% on energy costs while keeping your home cooler and more comfortable on hot Indiana days. Call the team at M.N. Heating & Air if your existing AC unit needs repairs or replacement!

How Your Indoor Air Quality May Benefit from Our Services

Poor indoor air quality can negatively impact health and cause discomfort. Our HVAC services can improve air in your home:

  • Air Duct Cleaning - Removes dust, pet dander, pollen deep inside ducts.
  • Air Filtration- High MERV filters remove particles down to .3 microns.
  • Humidifiers- Add moisture to dry air to eliminate static, sinus issues.
  • Dehumidifiers- Reduce excess moisture to control humidity and prevent mold growth.
  • UV Lights- Kill bacteria and viruses as air circulates past bulbs.
  • Air Purifiers - Medical grade models remove VOCs, smoke, odors.
  • Ventilation Improvements - Proper make-up air flow.

Breathe healthier and enjoy more comfortable indoor environments with our indoor air quality improvement services!

How to Find Commercial HVAC Technicians

Business owners have unique needs when it comes to HVAC service, maintenance and equipment. Here are tips on finding commercial technicians:

  • Ask about commercial experience - Not all technicians work on large commercial systems. Find those with expertise in commercial repairs and installations.
  • Inquire about certifications - Many brands require special commercial tech certifications. Make sure your tech is certified for your equipment brand including Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Daikin and more.
  • Ask about experience with your system type - For example, rooftop systems, chillers, VRF systems, boilers, furnaces, etc. You want techs knowledgeable of your specific equipment.
  • Find a licensed commercial contractor - In Indiana, contractors working on commercial systems must hold a state commercial HVAC license. This ensures expertise.
  • Get references - Ask for references from other local businesses the company has served. This proves they can handle commercial work.

As commercial HVAC specialists, we have the experience, certifications, training and expertise to handle all of your commercial HVAC needs. Contact us today!

Proudly serving Northwest Indiana since 2013

Our family-owned company has been providing expert heating and cooling services to Highland area homeowners and businesses for 10 years. Since 2013, our commitment to fair pricing, quality workmanship, and personalized service has allowed us to grow and thrive across multiple generations.

We take pride in serving this community and building lasting relationships. Our experienced technicians are familiar with local climate challenges, codes, and the needs that come with owning a home or business in Northwest Indiana. We understand how important comfort, safety, and reliability are for both residential and commercial settings.

No matter what heating or cooling challenges arise, we have the skills, expertise, and equipment to resolve issues quickly and completely. We offer maintenance programs that keep systems running at peak efficiency and 24/7 emergency service that prevents costly breakdowns. Our fleet is equipped with parts for speedy repairs.

As a well-established local company, we plan to continue serving Highland for decades to come. Thank you for considering us for your home or business heating and cooling needs!

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair & Emergency Heating Repair

Heating or cooling failures are inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. We understand the urgency of emergency HVAC breakdowns. That's why we offer prompt 24/7/365 emergency repair services across Highland and surrounding areas. Emergency issues we can address include:

Emergency Heating Repairs:

  • No heat on freezing cold nights
  • Furnace not igniting
  • Strange furnace smells or noises
  • Broken heat pump components
  • Faulty thermostat or controls
  • Gas leaks
  • Carbon monoxide issues

Emergency Cooling Repairs

  • AC failures on hot days
  • Compressor not turning on
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Leaking refrigerant lines
  • Blower motor breakdowns
  • Broken AC thermostats

We have after-hours technicians on standby every day of the year to address emergency calls anytime. We understand the urgency of no heat or AC situations and will make them our top priority. Call our 24/7 emergency number whenever your HVAC system stops working!

Current Promotions

Take advantage of our seasonal promotions:

  • 10% Off Repairs – Save on any heating or cooling repair over $250
  • $200 Off AC Replacement – Upgrade to a new Armstrong Equipment
  • $100 Off Furnace Installs – Time for a new, efficient furnace?

Offers valid through June 2024 and can't be combined with other discounts. Call today to schedule!

Call Our Highland HVAC Company Today!

Ready to get your heating or cooling issue resolved? Call M.N. Heating and Air today at (219) 865-0971 to schedule service! Our office staff is happy to answer questions and schedule a convenient time for a licensed technician to come to your home or business.

After diagnosing the issue, we'll explain the problem, outline your options, and provide upfront pricing. Trust us to handle repairs professionally using high quality equipment and parts. For new installations, we'll provide System Design & Selection assistance to choose the optimal system for your needs and budget.

Call now to get world-class heating or air conditioning service from one of the most trusted, family-owned HVAC companies in the region. We serve all of Highland, IN plus nearby Schererville, Munster, Dyer, Griffith, Merrillville, and surrounding areas. Call M.N. Heating and Repair today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a comprehensive range of AC repair services, including repairing cooling system issues, ductless air problems, and regular AC and air conditioning maintenance to ensure your unit stays in top shape. Our certified technicians are ready to serve Highland with excellent heating and air conditioning services.

Yes! Our service areas include Highland, Schererville and many other locations in Indiana. Whatever your heating and air conditioning needs, we're here to help. Feel free to call us today.

Absolutely, We not only provides repair service but also handles air conditioner installation and air conditioning installation. Whether you want a central air, new air or even ductless air, we offer complete heating and cooling installation services.

Yes, we certainly do. Our HVAC services go beyond just air conditioning. We can carry out heater installations, service highland, and water heater replacements. We are able to handle furnace installation as well, all by our certified technicians.

To schedule an appointment with us for any of your heating and air conditioning service needs, simply call us today. You can also initiate a service call online from our website. We will be ready to assist.

Yes, we offer HVAC maintenance to all of our customers in Highland Indiana and our other service areas. Regular maintenance not only helps keep your heating and cooling system working at its best, but it can also prolong the life of your system.

Yes, our highly trained technicians can also perform boiler repair services for your heating system. Whether it's a single repair service or routine maintenance, our team is up to the task.

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time. You can call us today, our services are available 24/7 for heating and cooling emergencies. We offer rapid response for urgent situations right here in Highland.

Yes, we offer air quality services as part of our commitment to overall home comfort. We can address any poor air quality issues you may have to ensure you and your family are breathing clean and healthy air.

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer excellent flexibility and can be a good consideration for certain homes. We can assess your home and make recommendations which include installing new ductless systems if it turns out to be the best solution for you.

About Highland, IN

Highland, Indiana, paints a captivating portrait of urban grit and natural splendor merging seamlessly. This thriving city of around 32,000 residents, nestled in northwestern Indiana, pulsates with the energy of manufacturing giants while offering pockets of serene escape in its sprawling green spaces.

Family-Friendly Enclave

Highland boasts a strong sense of community and family-friendly neighborhoods. Top-rated schools, like the vibrant Highland High School, ensure quality education for young minds. Lush green spaces like the 226-acre Wicker Park offer families ample opportunities for picnics, playtime, and enjoying the outdoors.

Nature's Sanctuary

For those seeking outdoor fun, Highland offers a surprising numbers of parks and outdoor recreation spots.  With Wicker Park (and the 18 hole golf course it houses), Pettit Park and Main Square park, there is always somewhere to go and play with the family.

Cultural Mosaic

Highland's cultural tapestry shimmers with a multitude of offerings. From the vast array of cultural restaurant offerings to the theatrical productions and musical concerts held at the gazebo in Main Square park.

Gateway to Adventure

Merely 30 miles southeast of Chicago, Highland offers convenient access to the Windy City's bustling downtown. A quick train ride whisks you away to renowned museums, Michelin-starred restaurants, and world-class sporting events. Indianapolis, the Hoosier State's capital, is also within reach, offering historical treasures and cultural delights.

Highland, Indiana, is a city of contrasts, where neighborhoods and nature exist in harmonious coexistence. Whether you're an adrenaline seeker drawn to the thrill of urban life, a family seeking a peaceful haven, or an artist inspired by the city's unique blend of grit and serenity, Highland has something to offer everyone. Come discover the tale of two worlds that unfolds in this captivating Hoosier city.

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